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  • › 2016-11-08
    The European Parliament (EP) plays an important role in shaping the trade policy of the EU, stated MEP Iuliu Winkler, Vice-Chair of the International Trade Committee (INTA) in the EP, during a debate concerning the latest developments of the European Partnership for Responsible Minerals - EPRM, Tuesday morning, in Brussels.
    › 2016-09-15
    My belief, and that of another 40 million EU citizens, is that the EU´s stubbornness, to remain silent on the matter of national and linguistic minorities in Europe, is a mistake of historic proportions; affirmed MEP Iuliu Winkler (RMDSZ, EPP) in his Written Declaration forwarded to the European Parliament´s Plenary this Wednesday, in the context of the debate following the State of the Union speech of European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker. The MEP´s statement comes as a follow-up to President Juncker´s concluding assertion that “History will not remember us ... but will remember our mistakes”.
    › 2016-09-01
    MEP Iuliu Winkler (RMDSZ, EPP), Vice-Chair of the International Trade Committee (INTA), is urging the European Commission to communicate its undertakings as concerns the removal of the visa regime for Romanians and Bulgarians wishing to travel to Canada. The RMDSZ MEP´s plea has surfaced in the INTA meeting of Wednesday afternoon, in the context of the debate on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement - CETA - between the EU and Canada.